Sabbir Hossain
Hi, Sabbir Hossain, I am a Certified AWS Solution Architect. I have done Engineering on Cybernetics. I have worked in industries as an Engineer and I have started repairing Master Class for Cell phone and Tablet Repair. I am experienced on telecom engineering for a long time. I have started with general repair, now I am teaching people how to fix iPhone logic board. Now I love to repair Logic board and I want to share my excitement with the rest of you. I am a strong technologist with lots of experience in different technologies for helping business. My Aim is to help businesses with their strategic goals, operational realities, and budget. I like to help other and it would be my pleasure to talk with the business owner about their needs. I have many years of experience as a software engineer. Retail management, data, analysis strategy, solution architecture, telecom engineering and Information Technology
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