ZQS-6210W Bluetooth Speaker

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Item Description

Features and advantages: -Bluetooth connection v.4.1 -4500 mAh battery -Equalizer -Digital Display (dynamic) Радиорежим -Led down light, led down light -Ir d/y -Microphone (for karaoke and just to maintain a positive atmosphere) -Battery level -Weight 4,2 kg -Ability to work directly from the outlet -Power 30вт -Range 45гц-18кгц -Level-70db volume -USB input -Input dc5v -Aux -TF card -Transfer pen -Remote control, I got it. Уменьш. Volume Dimensions: -Length (height) – 66 cm -Width 24 cm -Thickness 25 cm Packing list: -Column -Microphone -Remote control -Cord for microphone -Cord-USB charging-microUSB -Cord aux -Instruction manual -Box




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